Best Climbing Harness for Beginners – Buying Guide & Reviews!

Best Climbing Harness for BeginnersSafety is paramount when taking part in outdoor activities that are potentially dangerous. One such activity is rock climbing as rock climbers face many challenges at great heights. Therefore, buying suitable safety equipment is essential. One of the most important items that a rock climber must buy as part of their equipment kit is a harness. These are what climbers use to attach their bodies safely to the ropes to prevent them from falling back down a rock face if they slip. Climbers need a harness regardless of whether they enjoy outdoor rock climbing or indoor climbing on rock walls. If this is the first time you have bought a rock climbing harness, it may seem a little confusing as there are so many harnesses to choose between and each of these has its own pros and cons. To help you through this process, here is a guide to choosing the best climbing harness for beginners along with reviews of the best options available now.

Reviews of the Best Climbing Harness for Beginners- Men

Men usually have a larger frame than women, so men should buy a harness that is intended for men to make sure they get a harness that fits well. The following are five of the best climbing harnesses for men available today.

1. Black Diamond Momentum Harness

Black Diamond Momentum Harness

There are many options for this climbing harness as it is available in six colors and six sizes. You can find the best size for you using the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. Made from synthetic materials, this climbing harness is strong, durable, and can withstand the wear and tear you would expect from rock climbing. It has a pre-threaded speed adjust waist belt buckle to make the harness fit comfortably and securely. The waist belt is bullhorn-shaped and is constructed using dual core construction. It is easy to customize the leg loops to give the best fit as they each have adjustment options. Another adjustable feature is the rear elastic riser. There are plenty of loops for all your gear as there is a haul loop and four pressure-molded gear loops. At just 12-ounces, this is also a lightweight option that is ideal for those that are keeping the weight they carry to a minimum.

Key Features:

  • Four gear loops and a haul loop
  • Adjustable leg loops and rear elastic riser
  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • Pre-threaded speed adjustable waist belt
  • Dual-core construction

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2. Kissloves Rock Climbing Safety Harness

kissloves Full Body Safety Harness

The adjustability of this harness is what makes it one of the best climbing harnesses on the market. Rather than having lots of different sizes from which to choose and risking getting the wrong size, there is just one size of this harness. The adjustable features mean that it will fit most people. This half-harness can fit people with waist measurements from 27- to 47-inches and with an upper leg measurement of between 19- and 25-inches. The harness is made from a quick-dry nylon webbing with high pulling strength sewing thread. This means that the harness is safe, strong, and durable. This is a comfortable climbing harness as it is designed to distribute pressure and has padding in the appropriate points. Both the leg loops and the waist belt are lined with a breathable mesh for extra comfort while climbing in warmer weather. This professional-standard harness has many uses, from rock climbing to roofing.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable waist belt and leg loops
  • Fits most climbers
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Padding and weight distribution
  • Quick-dry nylon webbing

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3. PETZL- CORAX Harness

PETZL - CORAX, Versatile and Adjustable Harness

Suitable for both summer and winter activities, this harness has a durable construction. The harness features a FRAME technology design that distributes the weight between the leg loops and the waist belt. This increases comfort while wearing the harness. There are four gear loops on this harness for attaching equipment; two flexible high loops and two rigid front loops. This means you can easily organize the equipment you need for a climb. The waist belt has two double back buckles for you to adjust the center of the harness while keeping the loops in an optimal position. The leg loops are also adjustable, so you can easily adjust the loops to suit different body types or to adjust when you are wearing different clothing for a better fit. This will give you the safest and most comfortable fit. There are two size options and four colors from which you can choose.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable waist belt and leg loops
  • Four gear loops
  • Weight distribution
  • Durable construction

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4. Mad Rock Venus Climbing Harness

Mad Rock Venus Climbing Harness

This stylish looking climbing harness is available in four sizes between extra small and large. At 1.24-pounds, this harness is relatively lightweight and will not weigh you down during a climb. Both the waist belt and the leg loops are adjustable, so you can fix the harness to get the most secure and comfortable fit for you. It is a classic three-buckle harness that offers support in the areas where it is needed the most. Although it is a snug fit, it has some stretch in its materials and this allows climbers to move freely, easily, and comfortably. Customers who have bought this harness describe it as easy to use and say it is one of the best climbing harnesses for beginners. There is a lock carabiner included when you buy this harness, which is a useful feature. This harness also comes with a sock chalk and a chalk bag.

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Key Features:

  • Comfortable fit with some stretch for movement
  • Size options available
  • Adjustable leg loops and waist belt
  • Lock carabiner, sock chalk, and chalk bag included
  • Lightweight

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5. MelkTemn Rock Climbing Harness

MelkTemn Climbing Harness

This is a one-size-fits-all option, so you do not need to worry about understanding size charts. It fits waists between 31.5- and 55,2-inches and upper legs from 23.6-inches to 29.5-inches. There is a high-quality adjustable alloy buckle on the waist belt and the leg loops are also adjustable. This is one of the best climbing harnesses for beginners as it is so easy to put on and adjust. The focus of this harness’ design is safety as this is paramount for climbers. It is high load bearing and all the connections and webbing are extremely sturdy with reinforced ends for extra protection. It can carry a maximum load of 230 kilograms. The construction of the harness distributes your weight, so it is very comfortable to wear. The waist belt features reinforced bearing loops that are useful for attaching your climbing equipment. This is suitable for both men and women and it is a good climbing harness for those who want something lightweight as it weighs just over one pound.

Key Features:

  • Affordable
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Adjustable waist belt and leg loops
  • Weight distribution for comfort
  • Reinforced features for strength and safety
  • Bearing loops
  • Unisex

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Reviews of the Best Climbing Harnesses for beginners- Women

Women have a different shape to men, so women need harnesses that are designed for the contours of the female form. There are many fantastic women’s climbing harnesses and each has its own features. Here are reviews of five of the best climbing harnesses for women.

1. PETZL Women’s Selena Climbing Harness

PETZL Womens Selena Climbing Harness

This women’s climbing harness is available in four sizes; extra small, small, medium, and large. This is a comfortable climbing harness that allows the wearer to have good mobility as the leg loop straps are elasticized and the connection straps are flexible. Similarly, both the leg loops and the waist belt are padded so it is comfortable when held into position. The front of the waist belt is slimmer than the rear as this as this allows you to move around more easily. There are simple clip fastenings to connect the rear elastic straps of the leg loops to the waist belt. On the waist belt, there are four useful gear loops to which you can attach your climbing equipment. The two loops at the front are rigid while the gear loops at the back are flexible. This harness is designed and tailored to fit the contours of a woman’s body to make it as comfortable as possible. It is a good climbing harness for both indoor and outdoor climbing activities.

Key Features:

  • Designed for the contours of women
  • Shape and flexibility that allow free movement
  • Four gear loops
  • Elasticated leg loops
  • Size options available

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2. Black Diamond Lotus Women’s Harness

Black Diamond Lotus Womens Harness

The bullhorn-shaped waist belt is specially designed for women’s contours and both this and the leg loops are built with dual-core XP construction. The speed adjust waist belt and the leg loops are both made from pre-threaded forged materials that are strong, safe, secure, and durable. There are bombshell abrasion patches along the waistband at the areas that are most likely to suffer from wear and tear. These patches are 20 times more durable than standard nylon fabric. This improves the durability and lifespan of the waist belt. Along the waist belt, there is one kN-rated haul loop and four pressure-molded gear loops. This means you can easily attach the equipment you need to your harness. The harness also has four ice clipper slots which can come in handy on many occasions. Other features of this harness include the lightweight support and the comfortable weight distribution. This is a four-season women’s rock climbing harness, so you can use it in all conditions.

Key Features:

  • Four-season harness
  • Strong materials and reinforcements
  • Adjustable leg loops and waist belts
  • Plenty of gear loops
  • Weight distribution

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3. EDELRID- Jayne II Women’s1 Climbing Harness

EDELRID - Jayne II Womens Climbing Harness

One of the most comfortable climbing harnesses on the market is the EDELRID-Jayne II as this has 3D mesh padding on both the leg loops and the waist belt. You can move the 3D padding around so that it offers comfort in the areas where you need it the most. Most women will find a harness that fits them comfortably as there are four size options; extra small, small, medium, and large. Both the waist belt and the leg loops are also adjustable, and this means you can make sure that the harness sits comfortably and securely at different points. The adjustable elements of these parts of the harness are easy to use glider-style buckles. If you need to attach your climbing equipment to your harness, this is a good option. It has four gear loops plus two attachment options for ice clipper slots. The manufacturers have added extra abrasion protection to improve the durability of the harness. The harness has a funky design that is available in two brightly colored option; either oasis and ice mint or jade and petrol.

Key Features:

  • Funky and colorful design
  • Moveable 3D padding
  • Adjustable leg loops and waist belt
  • Easy to use glider buckles
  • Reinforced for greater durability
  • Gear loops and ice clippers

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4. PETZL Luna Women’s Harness

PETZL Luna Harness - Womens

Breathability and comfort are two of the best features of this beginner’s climbing harness. Both the waist belt and the loops are padded with a breathable foam that will help you to stay comfortable even in warmer weather. The waist belt has pre-threaded double back buckles that are easy to close securely with a single pull and you can adjust the droppable leg loops to fit your body shape and different clothing. The green belay loop and its attachment and tie-in points are easy to identify. You can easily access your gear on the inclined and rigid front gear loops. On the other hand, the flexible rear loops are tucked out of the way so that they will not hinder your climb. The features of this harness that will keep you secure are the two CARITOOL slots and the reinforced tie-in points. This climbing harness weighs 1.2-pounds.

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Key Features:

  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Padded and adjustable waist belt and droppable leg loops
  • Four gear loops
  • Easy to use buckles
  • Reinforced tie-in points

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5. Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Harness

Black Diamond Primrose Womens Harness

Made from synthetic materials, this women’s climbing harness is strong, durable, and weather-resistant. It is available in six colors and four sizes, so you can find a harness that is the perfect fit and style for you. The bullhorn-shaped waist belt is made using dual-core construction and it has a pre-threaded speed adjust buckle that saves you time when getting ready for a day of climbing. The leg loops are also adjustable, and it is easy to customize them to your leg size and shape of to adapt them for the clothing you are wearing. The rear risers are elastic and adjustable, which is good for improved mobility while climbing. This is a lightweight option that weighs only 12-ounces, so the weight of the harness will not hinder your climb. The harness has a haul loop and four pressure-molded gear loops to which you can attach your equipment securely.

Key Features:

  • Strong, durable, and weather-resistant materials
  • Adjustable leg loops and waist belt
  • Four gear loops and one haul loop
  • Dual-core construction
  • Lightweight at 12-ounces
  • Adjustable elastic rear risers

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Reviews of the Best Climbing Harnesses for beginners- Kids

Rock climbing is a fun activity for all the family. If you plan to take your children along with you, a safety harness is a vital piece of kit. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent beginner climbing harnesses for children to choose between. The following are five of the best climbing harnesses for children on the market now.

1. Black Diamond Momentum Harness- Kids’ F1 Body

Black Diamond Momentum Harness-Kids Fl Body

Made from synthetic materials, this kids’ harness is durable, water-resistant and strong. It has a full-body Momentum harness construction. This means it has leg loops and shoulder straps, rather than a waist belt. The shoulder straps and leg loops are connected at points close to your child’s hips. This full-body construction offers improved security and safety while your child climbs. Both the leg loops and the shoulder straps have adjustable buckles that allow you to secure your child into the harness. Another benefit of these adjustable features is that the harness is easy for your child to put on and take off. This saves time when you are getting ready for a family climbing day. The high tie-in points on the harness help to keep your child in a good upright position for climbing. The straps and leg loops are cushioned so that your child will remain comfortable throughout the day while still having plenty of mobility.

Key Features:

  • Full-body harness
  • Cushioned for comfort
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Keeps the body upright
  • Adjustable buckles for a better fit

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2. Xben Kids’ Full-Body Harness

Xben Kids Full Body Harness

This child’s harness is designed with both safety and comfort in mind. It has two connection rings on the chest that will distribute the weight evenly across the waist and legs when climbing. This makes the child feel comfortable and protects them from press defect. At the rear of the harness, there is a five-point buckle that gives your child the appropriate support they need. These connect the straps that go around the shoulders to the leg loops. The harness is made from high-quality materials, including buckles made from high-strength carbon steel and straps that are made from durable polyester ribbon that are finished with unique Xben sewing to make them both strong and safe. It is easy to put on and off and this saves time when getting ready. This adjustable harness fits children with a waist measurement between 11.8- and 19.7-inches and the leg loops measure 19.69-inches.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable and secure
  • Full-body harness
  • High-quality materials
  • Reinforced straps
  • Adjustable

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3. PETZL Macchu Kids’ Climbing Harness

PETZL Macchu Kids Climbing Harness

The manufacturers have designed this harness so that it is as comfortable as possible for children to wear while rock climbing. Therefore, it is probably the most comfortable climbing harness for kids. This one-size-fits-most harness has no friction zones on the waist belt and zero compression points. The use of ENDOFRAME technology construction gives equal weight distribution for even greater comfort while climbing. There are two buckles at the waist belt that give systematic centering of the tie-in point and easily adjustable leg loops that you can fix according to your child’s body shape and the clothing they are wearing. The adjustable features also allow the harness to grow with your child with no need to buy several harnesses of different sizes as your child grows. At the front of the waist belt, there are two rigid gear loops for your child’s climbing equipment. There is also a colored connection loop for them to easily check the belayer’s connection point.

Key Features:

  • One-size-fits-most
  • Adjustable harness
  • No friction zones or compression points
  • Colored Connection loop
  • Two gear loops
  • Equal weight distribution

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4. PETZL OUISTITI Full-Body Climbing Harness

Petzl OUISTITI Full Body Climbing Climbing Harness

Children weighing up to 30 kilograms can wear this beginner climbing harness as it is a one-size-fits-all harness. It has a semi-rigid structure that is comfortable to wear both when on the ground and while suspended against rocks. This climbing harness is one of the easiest for children to put on and off as it is color-coded and does not need connectors to stay fastened. This makes getting ready for a day of climbing quicker and easier.One feature that improves the safety of the harness while climbing is that the double back buckles are out of the reach of the child so that they cannot tamper with them while climbing. Another strong feature of this harness is the padding. This is added to all the points where it is needed the most, such as across the waist, over the shoulders, and around the upper legs. This will keep your child comfortable while climbing.

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Key Features:

  • One-size-fits-all
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Color-coded
  • Padding for comfort
  • No connectors for fastening
  • Adjustable

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5. Flowersea Full-Body Climbing Harness for Kids

Flowersea Full Body Climbing Harness Kids

This kids’ harness is made from high-quality materials. The rings are made from aluminum alloy and the straps are made from high-quality synthetic materials that are durable, strong, and water-resistant. The tie-in points are reinforced for extra strength and so that it can withstand even more wear and tear. It is large enough to accommodate a child with a torso measurement of between 11.8- and 1.7-inches and upper legs measuring up to 19.7-inches. Both the leg loops and the shoulder straps are fully adjustable to fit your child securely. You can alter the fit as your child grows or when they are wearing different clothing. This harness is suitable not only for rock climbing, but also for many other outdoor activities such as indoor climbing, mountaineering, and caving.

Key Features:

  • High-quality materials
  • Durable
  • Fully adjustable
  • Suitable for many outdoor activities

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Climbing Harness for Beginners

When choosing which harness is the best one to buy, you should consider all the different factors. The following is a guide to the things you need to consider and this should help you to buy the best climbing harness for you.

Types of Climbing Harness

You should always choose the type of harness that is most suitable to the activities in which you plan to participate. The main categories of harness include:

  • Gym or sport climbing harness- This is the most basic climbing harness and they are generally used for indoor climbing in either a gym or indoor climbing center. You should try to choose the most comfortable harness for indoor climbing and you will only need two gear loops.
  • Trad climbing- For general outdoor climbing, you need something that is more hard wearing than you would use in the gym. Both comfort and abrasion-resistance are important, and you should also look for trad harnesses with extra lumbar padding and adjustable leg buckles.
  • Ice climbing- These harnesses are specifically designed for climbing in extreme conditions. Four or more gear loops are ideal for these harnesses. In most cases, ice climbing harnesses have four or more loops, adjustable leg buckles, and extra lumbar support.
  • Mountain climbing- Also known as alpine climbing harnesses, these harnesses are the strongest and most durable option and are intended for challenging mountain climbs. Therefore, these are not an option that beginners should consider.

Climbing Harness Features

You need to understand the anatomy of a climbing harness in order to know what to look out for at each point. Here are some of the features of a climbing harness with hints of what to look for with each of the features.

  • Leg loops- These are usually either elasticated or adjustable and many are padded for comfort. They connect to the waist belt with elastic straps at the rear of the loops. You should check that the leg loops will fit comfortably and not cut off your circulation.
  • Waist belt- A good waist belt will use both padding and webbing to give comfort and to act as the primary form of shock absorption. Some of the best climbing harnesses have weight distribution technologies and adjustable buckles.
  • Belay Loop- The belay loop is the strongest part of your climbing harness and it is the only part of the harness that is load-tested. The most common material used to make the belay loop is nylon webbing.
  • Gear loops- A gear loop is a small loop made of either plastic or webbing. The number of gear loops on a harness depends on the type of harness. These loops are designed to carry pieces of climbing equipment.


Having a harness that fits well is vital, so the size of a harness is a vital consideration. Think about these points:

  • There are different sizes to suit men, women, and children.
  • Most manufacturers have sizing charts to help you to choose the best-fitting harness for you.
  • Choosing the right size is important for both comfort and safety.
  • There are adjustable features on most climbing harnesses to adjust the size.


When buying a harness, most people like to compare prices alongside other features to choose the best option. Think about the following:

  • The price of a good climbing harness depends on the size, the brand, the materials, and any other features.
  • It is possible to get a great climbing harness at a low price as the price does not always reflect the quality of the item.
  • You can save money by shopping online as climbing harnesses usually cost less from online retailers than from bricks-and-mortar stores.
  • Shopping for a climbing harness online allows you to compare the prices of different harnesses.

The Final Verdict

Buying a harness is a necessity for anyone who plans to take up rock climbing as it is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment used by people who enjoy this activity. There are many different rock climbing harnesses available, and each of these has its own features that make it worth considering.

The overall best beginner climbing harness for men is the Black Diamond Momentum Harness. This lightweight option is made form strong and durable material. It is comfortable, adjustable, and has the gear loops you need to carry your equipment.

For women, a great choice is the PETZL Women’s Selena Climbing Harness. This is designed to comfortably fit the contours of women and has the flexibility to give free movement. Each harness is adjustable and has four gear loops on the waist belt.

If you are buying rock climbing harnesses for your kids, then one of the top climbing harnesses is the Xben Kids’ Full-Body Harness. This full-body harness gives your child the safety and security they need while rock climbing. It is fully adjustable to give your child the best fit and is comfortable for them to wear.

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