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Inspiring Your Kids for Rock Climbing

There are several good reasons why you should inspire your kids for rock climbing. Climbing is an activity that offers health, wellness and developmental benefits. Here are five reasons why you should inspire your kids to take part in this healthy and fun activity.

5 Reasons to Inspire Your Kids for Rock Climbing

1. It brings families closer together

If you or your partner are avid rock climbers then it’s important to bring your child into this part of your life to share the experience. Rock climbing isn’t just for adults. You can start your two years old on up. It’s better to start them early. There are unique challenges that come with rock climbing and along with the frustrations there are also moments when you feel victorious. These are situations that families can share together, and it can serve to strengthen the level of understanding that you have between one another and form closer bonds. Family climbing can be a positive experience.

When kids are making a climb with their parents, they are out there to have fun as a family unit, but there is a level of care and concern about one another that goes with the territory. Rock climbing also has its dangers and kids learn about the need to be mindful of others in observing the etiquette of climbing extended to their parents and other climbers. It’s a great way to teach the kids social skills and the proper way to act around other climbers and with family. A certain level of respect can be achieved when parents teach their kids about the do’s and don’ts of climbing.

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2. It teaches responsibility and other life skills

Kids who get into rock climbing at an early age learn responsibility at an early age as well. Those who really get into it learn that they can only master a skill level by working hard and nobody can do it for them. They learn to set personal goals as well as to take the initiative to push themselves to reach the goals that they’ve set. Minor falls hurt and they learn about the importance of safety and making sure that they take the proper safety precautions when they’re working on a new challenge.

Rock climbing teaches kids about facing challenges and deciding what they are going to do about them. They learn that not everything can be given to them and that some things must be earned through hard work and dedication to practice. This is one of the most valuable life skills that anyone can gain. Rock climbing requires discipline, and this is something that every person must develop for themselves. The activity puts kids in the position that lets them make the decision for themselves.

3. Rock climbing offers healthy benefits

Kids tend to grow up with an electronic device of some kind in their hands. If it isn’t a gaming device, it’s a smart phone. This leads to a sedentary lifestyle and too many kids don’t get out of the house and engage in physical activities as much as they should. Rock climbing offers a type of healthy exercise that tones the body and strengthens muscles. Kids are no different than adults when it comes to their need for exercise. Cardio workouts in appropriate amounts improve their overall physical health. Rock climbing inspires them to push their bodies to the limits. They build lean muscle mass and burn fat calories at a faster rate. This helps to prevent obesity. Kids who engage in rock climbing are more likely to grow up to be more physically fit and healthier as adults.

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4. Kids gain valuable cognitive skills

Kids who start out early rock climbing soon learn the value of focus and concentration. As they grow older, rock climbing kids are likely to take on challenges that require more focus and concentration. They learn how to work things out mentally to achieve their climbing goals. Kids love to be challenged if it’s done at increments that they are ready to take on. Rock climbing can be addictive and it’s as much a mental sport as it is a physical one. This is especially true if you’re into bouldering. Bouldering is an ideal form of rock climbing because it deals with challenging problems that require thought and strategizing to figure it all out. Some problems require several attempts and figuring out what techniques or moves work well and which do not. These mental challenges make kids take the time to develop a strategy by using all the information they’ve gained through their experiences. The ability to concentrate and hone-in on a problem is a life skill that can be carried over into educational endeavors as well as relationship or career related aspects of life. It’s a continual process of improvement and rock climbing helps to build thinking skills in kids as well as adults.

5. Rock climbing builds self-confidence

Kids go through several developmental stages. As puberty hits, it’s not uncommon for a child to have issues with confidence and self-esteem. It’s a normal part of growing up, but rock climbing can give them an extra boost in self-confidence. Instead of being unsure of their abilities, kids that have set goals and reached them when climbing will know that they are capable and will be less likely to doubt their own abilities in other aspects of their lives.

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Here’s a Video to Inspire Young Climbers


There are very good reasons why you should inspire your kids to get involved with rock climbing. It’s an activity that can bring you closer together as a family while giving everyone an ample dose of healthy exercise. Kids develop a greater sense of self-awareness and confidence from rock climbing and they become sure of their own abilities. Thy learn how to set and achieve realistic goals, and how to map out their own strategies. These are just a few of the reasons why it’s a good idea to get your kids started in rock climbing as early as possible.

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